Wyntrein has arrived

Wyntrein has arrived by Freedom Challenge

We are here

10 Responses to “Wyntrein has arrived”

  1. Cycle Centre says:

    Congrats to Dr Venter and the Wyntrein….. A one in a million achievement….

  2. Johann Rissik says:

    One small step for mankind, one huge leap for Drunkcyclist! Great riding guys.

  3. Frans says:

    Congrats to the wyntrein ! Well done ! 20 days !

    Hope the rat is satisfied doc, and you manage to adjust to the the relatively leisurely pace of daily life.
    Wish I could have stood at different points along the way at all those magnificent vistas to see you guys coming and then receding in the distance.

    You have fully deserved the reward, aching bum and all. Sponsorship is on its way.

  4. Noenie says:

    Yster eet yster. Wat n merkwaardige prestasie! Baie geluk Casper!!!!
    Cassie en Noenie

  5. Jannie Hanepoot says:

    Well done, Wyntrein! Congratulations from the sprawling metropolis of Montagu!

  6. charl says:

    Very very proud to have been a member of the wyntrein – memories for life with a special group of guys – honoured

  7. Mannetjie en Annette says:

    Baie geluk Casper- geniet die rus saam met jou gesin!! Jy is ‘n doring – ons is trots op jou!!!