Message from Alex Harris

A few weeks before Casper started his race, the Makhado Care Group requested a letter of support from Alex Harris.  This was read out to Casper at the Makhado Care Group fund raising dinner on th 15th June 2012.

To Casper,

The Apostle Paul speaks about pressing on and running the race to the
end. And, in the midst of adversity, to hold dear to that which is our
great prize, and to never lose hope. Well Casper, you are certainly
going to encounter adversity. Not in the form of malicious man or ill
meaning strangers, but rather, in the cold mornings and ravages of a
lonely and forgotten land.  Many times you will want to give up. Many
times your soul will crave a warmer place and a familiar face. But I
say to you press on. Press on because those before you have done so in
harsher conditions. Press on because those after you will look to you
for strength. And if hope wanes and your spirit sags, press on for no
other reason than because you can. Because He made you able! This is
truly the greatest of blessings! (Isaiah 41:10).

Best of luck on the trail and I hope to see you out there!

God Bless!
Alex Harris