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Gues what by Freedom Challenge

Back home and simply couldnt resist. Went for a ride! The best antidote for FC withdrawl

19 Days and 8 Hours

Sitting in bed,listening to the constant rain outside,drinking endless cups of coffee…So its over. It is almost surreal,not cycling. For 19 days thats what you did for 10 hours plus everyday,come rain,sun,wind or snow.

I have put some of the last pictures on the blog and sit here reflecting on this amazing adventure. It was such a incredible experience. I saw and experienced things and places in my country that i didnt even know existed. It is truly a amazing race and we did it in a lovely way,we had lots of fun and thorouhly enjoyed every moment. Thank you to all i cycled with,esp Gawie Charl an Shaun.It was a great trainride! Jody and Andre,thanx for slowing down and riding with for a few days,u added a lot of spice. When you tummy muscles is more sore than your legs(from laughing so much), you know you are having a good time. To Ezanda,you truly know the meaning of vasbyt! i hope the knee heals quickly and you come back to chase that elusive record.

To Martin and Alex,i truly salute you. Very few people will truly understand what you have achieved. Martin you worked hard for your achievement,savour it,it truly is special. Alex,it was lovely meeting you before and thank you for all the advice. The message you sent via the care group was special and inspirational,thank you.

Glen i cannot thank you enough for all you help and kind words and advice on my bicycle and saddle issues. You truly are a ambassador to this race. We stil have few loose ends to tie up,i will be in touch.David and Meryl and Ben,a massive thank you to you all for the organizing,support and magic you have done,and the wonderfull way in which you have done it.

Then to my huge support back home,thank you,thank you,to everyone that was interested,smsed blogged etc thank you. You kept me going. To all who donated and sponsored,thank you. Your money will be well spend via the care group to help those with cancer in our community. The truth is that my race is truly insignificant compared to the race they still have to run..

There are so many thoughts milling throu my head,it all seems such a blur.Life is returning to normal. Water out of a tap,a fridge full of food,100kmh in a car being frightfully fast!But part of me still out there,willing on Dino and Steven,i cant hear the rain and not think of them. Go guys, we are rooting for you.  

Sometimes you do something and it turns out to be so much more than you expect it to be, this race was like that. It truly embraced what i stand for and what i feel mountainbiking is about. For 19 days i could play and revel in just being on the bike and being a part of this incredible adventure.

Thank you


A few days ago

A few days ago by Freedom Challenge

The beautifull isolation of the Anysberg area

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Yesterday by Freedom Challenge

My beloved Cape Mountains,almost home

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